Mothers Over Murder

After the murder of her son, Clemmie Greenlee formed a support group called Mothers Over Murder in Nashville, Tenn. The moms help gather once a month as well as stand by each other on court dates, memories, and to help raise their grandchildren.

Opioid Family Tragedy

1 family, 3 deaths: Grandparents picks up the pieces after opioid’s destroy their family.

Innocence Project Profiles

The Innocence Project has helped more than 200 wrongfully convicted people secure their freedom and prove their innocence.

60th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.

In reconnection of the 60th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr. assassination people marched with the Innocence Project to the Lorraine Motel, which is now a Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tenn.

Ron Ramsey, Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee

An inside look at the life of Ron Ramsey as he plans his retirement after serving ten years as the 49th Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee.

Family Curse

The number of parents permanently losing their rights to a child has grown significantly in Tennessee. We follow the story of Jenny Terrill and her family, three generations of parents who have lost all or some parental rights.

Cake Plate triggers memories that bond daughter, mother with Alzheimer's

Juanita Lane was packing her mother's things, an unfortunate but necessary ritual many children have to do when an older parent requires moving to an assisted living facility. As she was taking an ordinary stack of china plates from an antique hutch, her mother said, "Be careful with that one." That plate soon became a conduit for wave upon wave of Lee Lane's early culinary memories.

A Mother's Loss

Tiffany Fowler-Footman recounts the facts around her sons murder. Gilbert Fowler, 24, was killed because he liked to dress as a women. He identified himself as Breana and was gunned down while on a date with someone he knew.